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The following are examples of some of the letters and e-mails we have received regarding our products and/or music philosophy. Thank you for your support. Please write us if you've a hankering to.

Number 1 - (classroom music teacher)
Mr. Bozung, I am a K-8 General Music teacher in Minnesota who purchased one of your Guitar Barres this previous spring. I am thrilled with, and believe in your product, and am now in the process of pricing guitars to add to my classroom setting.
Number 2 - (adult male)
Wow, what a method. I can't believe I've never heard of it! Every thing in your web site is right on the mark. Kudos for a great package. I'll bet the only people this method isn't popular with are 'guitar instructors'. Also really liked the Video aide.
Number 3 - (Kindermusik Studio owner)
I just wanted to thank you again for your intriguing session on your new simplified means of playing the guitar. I've been reading my instruction book, and just wanted to let you know that I found it very clear and informative, answering many questions that I've had for a long time! Thanks.
Number 4 - (adult female)
Dick, I got my guitar, etc., and I LOVE it! I am so excited I can't tell you. I thought I had bought this guitar for all of us, but I'm starting to think of it as MINE ALL MINE. My 7-year-old loves it, too, but right now (after only 2 days), he's satisfied to play all the C chord songs. I, on the other hand, have entertained everyone with songs from Elvis to Johnny Cash to Jennifer Warnes!

One of the fabulous things about this method is that people with an arm injury (or wrist injury) can still play the guitar. When I was 11 years old, I got a guitar for my birthday and some guitar lessons. I had just begun playing and enjoying it when I put my arm through a window, chasing my sister, and cut the media nerve in my wrist. For years, I didn't have any feeling in my left hand at all. Everything was numb and I couldn't possibly play the guitar. Gradually, and with some repair surgery, I've gotten some feeling back (I'm 41 now), but my fingertips are all still numb, and my thumb, index, and middle fingers have some atrophy. BUT WHO CARES NOW!?! I am strumming away like I know what I'm doing! Heck, if I DID have full feeeling in my hand, I would STILL play it this way! I know I'm using a lot of exclamation marks, but I really can't tell you how happy I am that I bought your system -- and the guitar!
Number 5 - (middle-aged male)
Have just taken first lesson. For a 42 year old man who does'nt have the time to memorize 2000 chords, your method is a Godsend. So far have just completed the beginning tape, but already can improvise and experiment with songs that I know just through sound. I don't want to get sappy, but your method literally saved me a fortune in lessons. It is my belief that every school and everyone over 40 who wants to learn guitar should purchase your method. Hell, now my friends all want to learn, just from hearing me! So expect orders from Connecticut.
Number 6
I cannot say how much I appreciate your honesty and courtesy. The Guitar Barre works its that simple--- I'm still in disbelief. Just 2 days ago I could not dream of playing a guitar, but now its making music all night. The only thing that hung me up was not ordering the tuner, so I picked one up yesterday and then 10 mins later, I was playing "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

I have to admit at first I was skeptical, so I didn't get my hopes up too much. But everything your web site says is so true. It is SO EASY!!! It just makes me laugh.

Without a doubt I will be ordering the intermediate book and tape in the very near future.

I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you, for getting the guitar~barre out to me so quickly and all the questions you answered.
Number 7
I want you and your associates to know how happy I am with your program and my new-found skill. I am 64 years young and have been trying to learn to play the guitar for about 40 years. This is the only method I have found that allows me to begin making music right away. It is so easy it's almost sinful. I'm moving from Level I to Level II and so far it's a piece of cake. Thank you, thank you and thank you!
Number 8
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I did try the Guitar Barre Book & Video. I find your method to be simple to follow with the video and book. I did play acoustic guitar at one time. But I didn't like the fingering methods because my hands would cramp up. So I visited the website and ordered the book and video. I labeled the frets and did the open tuning to "C". This has led me to do the songs with the chords in depth. I succeeded in playing "This is to Mother You" by Sinead O'Connor and "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley. Again, I just want to thank you for this excellent method of playing guitar that I'll definitely use for future gigs.
Number 9
Thank you so much, the barre and book have been wonderful and I'm ready to take on the next challenge. You have brought back the music in my guitar.
Number 10
I returned from Luxembourg with a transcripted version of the video that can be played on my equipment. Now that I've worked with you, all I can say is that it's impressive stuff! I really mean this. I guess all my life I've intuitively known that a method was out there somewhere just waiting for someone to come along to discover it and dedicate themself to making it plain to people like me - thanks. I love the chord transposer and particularly the harmony guide. Will stay in touch, and I'll be ordering a few things later.
Number 11
Fair enough mate. I must admit, I forgot when I first started guitar moving my fingers to all the chord shapes seemed impossible and I quit, only to start again 4 years later. As a starting point, I can see how it would be a good system. (Note - from an experienced guitar player at first skeptical about the Guitar Barre Method.)
Number 12
I just wish I had discovered your teaching methods many years ago. I'll be turning 68 next month and I surely would have liked to have been playing (and perhaps even teaching) guitar for the last 20 years or more. Wishing you the greatest possible success in all your endeavors.
Number 13
You have totally changed my life and there's not many people in the world that do something positive. I mean I've been trying to play guitar for more than 20 years and had gotten nowhere. I bought your book last year and saw the light. Now I have the video I am just so confident in my playing. Your dulcimer book has helped me and the piano book is on its way to helping me and my wife play piano. I just need to let you know that you are part genius and part wonderful human being. I thank you for everything and will check your page from time to time for any new product and information.
Number 14
Thanks again! Just to let you know - this product is going to give a quadriplegic great amusement! Mike has been in the wheelchair for 20 years. As a self-taught guitar player, he thought his passion for guitar playing was over the day of his car accident. While visiting with some friend from his spinal cord injury group, one of them introduced us to this guitar-playing method.
Number 15
I am so glad I found your web site. I'm a 51 year old man. I played guitar some 30 yrs ago, and finally got back into it. The only problem I had was changing chords due to an accident I had some 20 yrs. ago. I am lefthanded and had 33 stiches in my right hand and my fingers don't move like they use to. I purchased your guitar barre and it's amazing how it really works, I would like to thank you very much for helping people like me play again, again. Thank you.
Number 16 - (another traditional guitar teacher)
I just got through playing around with the barre system, and I am THRILLED.

I am considering totally modifying and changing my entire approach to teaching. Certainly, I will have students interested in standard methods, and I'll continue to teach those... but... this is very exciting. I don't think this approach should be limited to the satisfaction of a few simple songs and then moving on to standard methods... I think this is a way to move students toward relatively advanced playing a la Richie Havens. For students particularly interested in this approach, an electric guitar with products like those from Hipshot would allow relatively quick, during the song, changes of the open chord tuning. And complex rhythms are obviously possible. This fits so well with my approach to teaching theory that I think this will really change things for me. It will be a revolution in my approach. And it is all because I no longer feel that I need to take students through a lot of standard methods before they would be ready for open tunings.
Number 17
I have an instrumental music education degree and have played guitar for years. My son has wanted to learn for quite some time. However, due to Cerebal Palsy, he does not have the control or dexterity to be very successful. I was extremely happy to stumble across your site. I truly believe this will enable him to play & enjoy the guitar as much as I do. This will be a Christmas gift that will change a life and last a lifetime.
Number 18
Got the Beginner’s Kit and love your teachings. As I told you, I have a severed flexor tendon that cripples my left index finger, so can’t make the difficult chords in standard tuning. Your Guitar Barre allows me to play the guitar again. Am trying to gain strength in my injured left hand by practicing every day. You have devised a neat system and I’m very pleased with all that I’ve learned so far. Your lessons are very valuable and enable me to play once again.
Number 19
Since Christmas I have been trying to get my fingers to make the chords and finding it very difficult, making more of a niose than music. I received it (the Guitar Barre Beginners Package) yesterday, Friday 01 Feb. I am just starting to use it - already it feels great - I sound better - thanks for the quick delivery.
Number 20
Pleased does not come close to what I felt after a couple hours of getting used to the barre. I was totally amazed!!!! My family was in shock to sit and hear me play full songs in a matter of a few hours. I have tried for years to learn to play without any success. ( I had all ten fingers broken when I was young and could not seem to chord properly.) I ended up becoming frustrated and my guitars sat in the closet collecting dust bunnies. It was almost 4:00 AM in the morning before I could force myself to put the guitar away and go to bed.

I have to confess when I first ordered I had my doubts about the method as I had ordered other tools and methods which did not work at all for me. In desperation I decided to go ahead and try one more time with your method. I am so very happy I did. Thank you for such an amazing tool and method that makes playing seem like magic.
Number 21 (an interesting dialogue between a customer & the Guitar-Barre developer)
Thanks for the quick reply. I have spent the entire afternoon googling for more information about open tuning, particularly open C tuning, barre chords, etc., and there's a lot, but nothing remotely like what your method seems to offer -- just more of the usual extremely complicated (and intimidating) "instructions" for various techniques.
Yes, that is the music dilemma I am afraid of: too much ego/technicality/etc.
I read both the articles on your website, and if I understand it properly (not a given) then one can play not only C, F and G major but other chords as well (how many?) just by using the Barre. I am anxious to learn if this is really true, and if this is really enough to play a lot of songs. I am only interested in folk and children's songs, and only as an accompaniment to singing. I like very much what you say about all this, and if it works with me I will certainly try to teach it to my grandchildren, and perhaps to my students (Univ. of Kassel, Germany)
Yes. Level I - All major chords (12) and a way to compromise nicely with minor chords (all 12). Level II - All major and minor chords - All the types of songs you have alluded to and everything else. That is how I use it primarily: to accompany my singing, whistling, harmonica, etc.
A question: if the method works with the Barre, why wouldn't it work with the index finger? That would be a little more difficult, but wouldn't it also leave the other fingers free to (eventually) do something else? I could not find a single word about this on the internet.
Yes, traditional method, hard on finger, wrist, other body parts - not comfortable nor easily sustainable. I have two fingers in strap with others available for melody playing.
Your book is not available on or, so I guess it would be better to order directly from you. To be honest, one reviewer on one of the Amazon sites said the Barre was "useless" -- but nothing about the method. I hope he is wrong, and I am very anxious to find out!
In all sincerity the reviewer is only capable of seeing from one traditional ego-centered point of view. He sees the world differently. He understands the simplicity and tools used for barre chording. He seems to think one would be better off getting a regular bottle neck slide (the guitar barre includes an interchangeable hard bar). That is where I started, but a soft self-muting bar, much like the finger, is much different, and we include a method book and DVD produced expressly for beginners in easy to understand language.

[same customer after receiving the BEGINNERS PACKAGE]

Absolutely fantastic! I haven't had much time to practice, but I can already play and sing a few songs, just as you said. It's absolutely incredible that such a wonderful thing -- I mean primarily the method but also the Barre itself -- is not more widely known. Many heartfelt thanks. I got my reviews on under "Guitar Barre"

I'm strumming away every day, improving steadily and enjoying it immensely. I'm really not anxious to make it more difficult, since it's challenge enough just to get the chord changes coordinated with the words, but I suppose at some point I'll be ready to start doing some picking in addition to the strumming. I actually like that "drone" sound, though, so a couple of chord changes is fine. Leaves you free to improvise with your voice.

In any case an INFINITY of difference from the traditional method, and I meant what I said: You are a hero! I can't get over the fact that such a great thing is practically unknown.
Number 22
The Barre arrived and I'll tell you it is a blast. I am playing songs I could have never played before. I really like this device and will be ordering the 2nd book soon.
Number 23
I have worked through level 1 and can't believe how many songs I am able to play. I having such fun with my guitar instead of the frustrating sessions I was having before trying to finger the chords. I am interested in folk music, particularly Irish, and If I find a song which is not in the key of C, I simply transpose it and most times can play it in a matter of minutes!

The Magical Musical Spiralled Seashell book is teaching me all about music in such a simplified way. Until now I thought music theory was way too difficult!
Number 24 - (70 year old beginner)
Thank you for getting me on a means of guitaring. (is that a word?). I am doing pretty good, have auditioned for about 8-10 people individually and their comments were all favorable, ranged from good to super.
Number 25 - Steve in Tampa, Florida comparing different methods
Wow, I am so happy with your product! As a matter of fact, I'm so happy with it, I'm ordering another one for our granddaughter this week. This really is guitar simplified. I have tried for years to learn guitar but always got frustrated with the fingerings, so i would quit. With your product, out of the box I was playing songs. I've tried similar products with no success (EZ Chord and the EZ Slide Chord). They were to bulky on the hand or made abrasive noises when moving it up and down the neck of the guitar. Too me both were a waste of money and time. As I said, with your product I was playing the first day. My wife actually cried when I played and sang her a song. Were the songs perfect? No, but they will be with practice. I still can't believe how easy this is and how i could have been playing a long time ago had I known about your product. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who would like to play guitar. Again, thanks Dick.
Number 26
Dick, ... I can't remember the last time we've had this much fun. I and my friends are in our 60's and 70's and most of us have limited use of one or more of our hands due to stroke, arthritis, etc. Some of us council at Boy/Girl scouts, or simply at kids Summer camps during the year and have vowed to share your wonderful gift with the kids.
Number 27
I ordered the Guitar Barre and Level I and II Method Books and DVD's a little over a year ago, and it literally changed my life. I've had great success. I now write songs and play with other people. It was wonderful, and I never needed to switch to standard tuning and fingering chords. I am recommending your Method to a friend who would like to play banjo.
Number 28
Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. IT WAS SOOO EXCITING !!!! To just watch the DVD, look at the book, place on stickers, pick-up the guitar and start playing. I played eight songs one after another and even sang to them. This was such a revelation because I have a disability in my left hand, and would never have been able to learn and play chords. Have desired to play all my life (67), and now it's possible thanks to the system you developed Dick. The open tuning made it very easy to tune my guitar.
Number 29
I enthusiastically pass this information along also saying I have no financial connection to the company and products mentioned.

I'm cursed with tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. Chording on the guitar is painful for me. No amount of stretching, strengthening, practice or orthopedic braces can change this; it only becomes worse. Just thinking of making a simple G chord makes my elbow throb; making barre chords is verboten. Loads of professional guitarists must play in pain, even forced to give up.

I bought my YouRockGuitar hoping its electronic nature & lack of neck strings would turn things around. For me, it didn't. Damn.

I scoured the web looking for devices than might help. The Chord Buddy has limited chording abilities, and makes "zinging" noises moving around the neck of stringed instruments (I imagine it would sound like hell on our electronic YouRockGuitars). On an obscure discussion list, somebody referred to a solution that works for me: The Guitar Barre Method (

The guy running this site invented (at least he's found no evidence of somebody doing it before) a modified open G tuning. Labels are put on the guitar neck (which can be removed after you've memorized locations if you wish). A handy guitar barre device slides up and down the neck (yup, similar to the common guitar slide, but specialized for this use). Chords are made by simply opening and closing your hand, pressing down on all strings. This can be used on the YRG, stringed guitars, banjo, ukulele, mandolin & dulcimer. You're not chained to this method; nothing stops you from also playing guitar the "normal" way.

If you buy the Level II book, guitar barre device & DVD you'll very soon be able to play all major, minor & 7th chords in any key. No muss, no fuss, no pain (for me). I also play autoharp, & this method is even easier.

To those who might say relying so much on barre chords isn't really playing guitar, I reply, "If it's good enough for Keith Richards (Rolling Stone magazine named him as one of the top 100 guitar players ever), it's good enough for me." Making music and playing guitar is a basic joy and right for every one.

Drawbacks? Some of the chords are slightly off approximations. Em is a bit dark, and Dm a bit bright. However, emphasizing certain strings by plucking turns that boat around.
Number 30
I enjoy very much your Guitar Barre books and videos! I am a soon to be 66 yr old struggling guitar, keyboard, and music learner who, until now, has not been able to make any sense out of any of it. It just doesn't seem to 'sink in.' I have learned so much from just your Barre book 1 that I simply can't believe it. Your explanations and simple diagrams have helped me more than anything else I have purchased so far. It really is a lot of fun to strum and hear the sounds the way are suppose to sound. Your products are great. Keep up the good work!
Number 31
My having a Guitar Barre inspired 2 of my kids to learn to play guitar this year. They love it, and have gotten very good at it. I believe they'll enjoy a rich musical life for many decades, thanks to you!
Number 32
I have just been in Spain on summer holiday, and with me I had "The Magical Musical Spiraled Seashell and Friends". I read it front to back, and can say I understand music much better now, THANK YOU.

Another even bigger THANK YOU, I give to you for developing The GUITAR BARRE Method, I was absolutely amazed that playing the guitar could be THAT easy and sound THAT good. I also tuned my ukulele using your books and my kids(5 and 9 years old) started to play "Happy Birthday" to my wife, she almost fell off her chair. When I someday give my guitars a little rest, I will start working on your keyboard book.

I read the "Harmony Centers 888" and was inspired to start up teaching your method in Denmark.

I would have loved to participate in a "Teachers Training Program", but the distance from Denmark to Florida is too long. My plan is to "dig in" this winter, and hopefully start teaching in the Spring or Fall of 2015.
Number 33
I wanted to let you know that one of my husbands greatest joys in life had been playing the guitar. He lost that ability over ten years ago due to severe arthritis and gout, causing disfigurement in his hands. Recently, I've tried to find surgeons who could give him mobility in his hands in order to play again. After many consultations, it was clear that surgery was not going to be an option.

By chance, I found your website. I gave him the Barre today and he is playing songs and is in tears. This is my first time ever hearing him play - thanks to your wonderful device. I see the overwhelming emotion he is experiencing.....he is at a loss for words and I could not thank you enough!
Number 34
Your product continues to provide me with unbridled joy. I'm now playing guitars (electric, acoustic, classical, 12-string), banjo, bass, and baritone uke with it. In fact, for the first time ever, I joined a band!
Number 35
Firstly, may I say thank you again, for your wonderful system. I visited my mother over Christmas, and she played and sang, and was happier than I have seen her in a long time… so lovely to see her with her 'old friend’. It took her about an hour to find a comfortable position to hold the guitar, and barre, but once she had tried and found, she was off.. even putting in some basic bass runs with it, and grinning like a a cheshire cat all the while…One more success, one more grateful customer. Thank you… you have made my mother, and me, very happy.
Number 36
My name is Chris Gammon from Oklahoma. I have ordered several times from you in the past. I wanted to tell you thank you for your method. I play the guitar, mandolin, and 6 string banjo now. I even started playing in church. I get complements on how beautiful my guitar sounds.
Number 37
I think your method is outstanding!! And thanks for books, etc.

You make it easy for people to play and enjoy music!! Much easier than Chord Buddy. You need to be on the Shark Tank.
Number 38
I just wanted to say “thanks” for the material; the system works great and my wife and I are having a ball playing a few songs on the guitar! This system is, on one hand, simple to use, and yet very complex in its depth of application. Obviously, we still have a way to go in developing our technique at Level-1 - but we look forward to ordering the Level 2 material in a few weeks.

• • •