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Seven Arrows Musical Instruments

We are pleased to offer several new and very easy to play, hand-crafted and colorfully painted musical instruments. They can be used for improvisation and reading music. They are ruggedly designed to be played by all ages and for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Each is a unique piece of 'musical art' and comes with a means of hanging on a wall for dislay when not in use. For descriptions, photos, video demonstrations and more, please go to the following web page:

Some of the Seven Arrows 'Musical Art' Instruments

Seven Arrows Instruments

Pictured above are some of the unique Seven Arrows Instruments, all designed to be easily played, producing beautiful music as well as suitable for wall hanging as colorful pieces of "MUSICAL ART'. At the top is a set of A-440 tuned chromatic 'HARMONICYCLES', in the middle from left to right, an 'ear'idescent 'NIGHTINGALE' a 'FRETTED SONGBIRD', a 'SUNFLOWER', a 'BOWED SONGBIRD', and a 'HARP SONGBIRD', and finally in the middle, at the bottom, a 'MELODY BIRD'.

Video Demo of Birdsong Instruments

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