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Comparing Methods

Guitar players have used various tools in helping them to play the guitar for a long time, including various kinds of 'slides' and 'capos'. The GUITAR BARRE ® is simply just another 'tool', and is in fact really a cross between a 'slide' and a 'capo'. The GUITAR BARRE ® METHOD is very similar to methods used by 'barre', 'slide', 'dobro', 'Hawaiian slack' and 'pedal steel guitar' players. The GUITAR BARRE ®, when fitted with the interchangeable 'hard bar', is similar to the various 'slides' used in most of these methods.

What sets the GUITAR BARRE ® apart from these other 'tools' is its 'soft bar', which produces a clean, mellow, finger type 'barre chord' sound, unlike the somewhat abrasive sound associated with most 'slides'. And the finger rest on the GUITAR BARRE ® enables one to use the full energy of one's hand to push the strings down against the fret, instead of just one finger, which is difficult, as in the other methods. Also, the 'gripper' part of the GUITAR BARRE ® makes it much easier to control movement and to interact with the fretboard - this is not the case with traditional 'slides'.

Beginning with the GUITAR BARRE ® insures success for all, and enables one to play forever without lots of practicing, maintaining callused fingers and memorizing lots of complicated chord fingering positions. And for those who want to go on and learn traditional fingering methods (optional), they are much more likely to succeed having started with the GUITAR BARRE ® METHOD, because they have already gotten down the basics of rhythm strumming, reading music and making chord changes. And using the GUITAR BARRE ® builds hand strength and dexterity as well, which are so important in traditional fingering methods.

"Open tunings" (strings tuned to a chord) are used extensively by almost all guitar players, and in fact were embraced enthusiastically by Carl Orff, a leader and innovator in music education for children. Our LEVEL II Modified Open Tuning, which enables one to BARRE ALL major, minor and dominant 7th chords, is a totally new tuning, was created by us after years of experimentation, and is revolutionary in its simplicity and diversity. (If you have some musical background, and are interested in "Open tuning" your instrument to something other than a C chord, because you find yourself playing mostly in one or two Keys other than C, refer to our Level II Method Book.)

Unlike methods using a clamp-on chording device, which limits the player to playing only 3 or 4 chords at a time in one Key, with the GUITAR BARRE ® METHOD you can play all the common chords in any Key. And unlike short cut finger chording methods where you are limited to playing only 4 strings, with the GUITAR BARRE ® METHOD you are using all 6 strings for a full chord sound. And, of course, you don't need a special instrument or special music when using the GUITAR BARRE ® METHOD. The GUITAR BARRE ® works on all guitars, banjos, mandolins and ukulelels (right or left handed) and with all sheet music. In summary, nothing compares to the ease and versatility of learning and continuing to play using the GUITAR BARRE ® METHOD.

The GUITAR BARRE ® METHOD has been developed and taught to thousands of children and adults, primarily through Artist-in-Education grants funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. It is being used extensively in homes, schools, churches and other settings, by children and adults of all ages, early childhood teachers, music teachers, and music, recreation and occupational therapists.

If you are an early childhood teacher, an elementary music teacher, a music therapist, a college-level teacher teaching music methods to any of the previous groups, or anyone else with an interest in helping others to play the guitar, please read over, at your leisure, the PREFACE, ARTICLE 1 and ARTICLE 2 - you will find them most interesting.

Testimonial from Steve in Tampa, Florida
comparing different methods
"Wow, I am so happy with your product! As a matter of fact, I'm so happy with it, I'm ordering another one for our granddaughter this week. This really is guitar simplified. I have tried for years to learn guitar but always got frustrated with the fingerings, so I would quit. With your product, out of the box I was playing songs. I've tried similar products with no success (EZ Chord and the EZ Slide Chord). They were too bulky on the hand or made abrasive noises when moving it up and down the neck of the guitar. To me both were a waste of money and time. As I said, with your product I was playing the first day. My wife actually cried when I played and sang her a song. Were the songs perfect? No, but they will be with practice. I still can't believe how easy this is and how I could have been playing a long time ago had I known about your product. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who would like to play guitar. Again, thanks Dick. "


BOTTLE NECK SLIDE - open tuning, push down on strings with one finger inside the slide (difficult), abrasive feedback sound when changing chords. (Note: trying to barre chords with just one's finger instead of using a Slide is extremely difficult and uncomfortable, but very effective for those experienced musicians who can.)

Ez-Fret GUITAR ATTACHMENT – standard tuning, attached to the guitar, somewhat obtrusive, fits only steel string guitars with a 25.5 inch scale length, requires knowledge of fingering positions for chords, right and left handed, might be good for experienced players who can no longer finger chords.

GUITAR BARRE - used in lieu of finger and/or Slide (comes with interchangeable soft bar like the finger and hard bar like the Slide). Modified open tuning enabling beginners to play all major and minor chords just like the pros. Comfortable and easy to use and for lefties as well. And the GUITAR BARRE works on all GUITARS (classical, folk, electric), BANJOS, MANDOLINS and UKULELES. Most akin to professional playing style with combination of ease of use and versatility of chording for recreational users. New modified open tuning enables one to play all 6 major and minor chords in any key at just 3 fret locations. (Someday the GUITAR BARRE will be accepted by traditional guitar players - just like another useful tool they all use - the capo.) Perfect for experienced players who have difficulty fingering chords.

E-Z CHORD and CHORD BUDDY - standard tuning, obtrusive, attached to guitar, does not fit all guitars, does not work on banjos or ukuleles, plays only four chords (1 key), to play in other keys requires re-configuration on the guitar, no left handed play.

E-Z SLIDE CHORD - standard tuning, obtrusive, does not fit all guitars, does not play all major and minor chords, does not work on banjos and ukuleles, no left handed play.

GUITAR WIZARD - open tuning, does not work on all guitars nor ukuleles and banjos, not left handed and need multiple devices for different guitar types and sizes. Rocking motion to change from majors to minors tricky to master.


  Tool Alone
Base Price
Pros Tuning Difficulty Major
Other Instrument
Barreing with Finger $0 Yes Open Hard All No * All Yes Yes
Bottle Neck Slide $10 Yes Open Moderate All No * All Yes Yes
E-Z Fret Guitar Attachment $10 No Standard Moderate Most Most Limited Yes No
Guitar Barre $17.50 ? Open Easy All All All Yes Yes
E-Z Chord $18 No Standard Easy 3 1 No No No
Guitar Buddy $20 ? No Standard Easy 3 1 No No No
E-Z Slide Chord $25 ? No Standard Moderate Some Some No No No
Guitar Wizard $45 No Open Moderate Most Most No No No
* Major and minor chords could be simultaneously played this way but experienced musicians
are not aware of the modified 'open G tuning' we have developed

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