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Dick Bozung
Dick Bozung

Dick Bozung has dedicated the past 15 years of his life to simplifying music making for everyone. He has extensive music teaching experience through the South Carolina Artist-in-the-Schools Program. The former engineer developed and patented the GUITAR BARRE® chording device, a hybrid of two commom tools used by most guitarists, the 'capo' and the 'slide'. He is also the author of the Magical Musical Spiraled Seashell and Friends, a book which unlocks many of the mysteries of music theory through pictures and simple lay language. He also designs and makes several new easy to play musical instruments, including the bowed 'Mockingbird', harp like 'Nightingale', and 'Chambered Nautilus'. He is also the author of The Child Who Spoke With The Earth, a beautiful musical story about a child's conversations with some of its non-human earth friends about living in 'harmony' with the earth.

In what seems like a previous lifetime, Dick Bozung (AKA 'Singing Frog') earned degrees with honors in Engineering and Business Administration, served as an aide to the Director of the Apollo Program during the first lunar landing, help found The Institute for Earth Education, won a landmark environmental lawsuit (Bozung vs. LAFCO) before the California Supreme Court, taught engineering management at the graduate level, and was elected to the City Council of Ventura, California. He also applied for and was granted three musical instrument patents, has extensive music therapy experience, worked as an organic grower, and during one phase of his 15 years of work in various Artist-in-Education Programs , focused on reconciling the differences between the peoples of the US and the Soviet Union through music.

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